Seeing is Believing

Should I invest in silver?

Steve Duke: We have what we call junk silver, which are your ninety percent silver coins that were printed from 1964 and before. Used to be able to spend them for their face value, and then what happened, the bullion value escalated so high that they were pulled out of circulation because a silver half dollar is now worth somewhere in the neighborhood nine to ten dollars.

Layaway Jewelry in Port Charlotte

We have layaway. A lot of people say, “Layaway? What do you mean?” We ask you to put ten percent down on a particular item, whether it’s an antique or a piece of jewelry. You put ten percent down, and you pay on it once a month.

Port Charlotte Diamonds and Gold

What’s kind of neat about Westchester Gold and Diamonds? You can trade your old jewelry for new jewelry, and you can get some great deals. You can walk in and buy five hundred dollar diamond rings for ninety-nine dollars.