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I just thought I would let everybody know right now, going on, it’s Steve Duke’s birthday and Mother’s Day sale. You don’t have to bring me a present. I’m not looking for that

But he wouldn’t mind it.

It would be great. Not an organ, though, don’t bring me the organ. I don’t have any place to put it. If you’ve never been to Westchester Gold and Diamonds, let me tell you, I don’t think you’re going to be disappointed when you come in the store. It’s funny, a lot of people who have never been in before have stopped in, look around.

Usually, if you’re really in the jewelry buying mode and there’s something you’re looking for but you really don’t even know what it is yet, stop in and see us. It’s not like walking into the mall, you walk into five stores and everybody has the same thing in five stores.

We have all the stuff they’ve got plus probably 100 times more. It’s not a huge store but it’s jam packed with all kinds of goodies that you will not believe. We don’t deal in just stuff. We’ve got Tiffany, we have Cartier, we have John Hardy. We buy a lot of estate pieces.

If you really like that antique look, the estate look on rings, bracelets, and things, we have piles of that stuff. We have diamond studs, more diamond studs than you’ve seen anywhere, I don’t care where you’re going.

We have the new in and out diamond hoop earrings. We have hundreds, and I mean literally hundreds of diamond bracelets. We’re talking right now, we just have so much merchandise that it’s discounted 20 to 50 percent. We don’t mark our stuff so we can mark it down.

You know how you will walk into some stores and go, “Oh, we’re giving 50% off, 70% off. We’ll pay you $10 to take our jewelry.” We’re not doing that. You can come in and you could have looked at a bracelet two years ago, before gold went crazy. We haven’t marked it up. It’s still down there.

The last time we had a sale, there were people coming in and buying jewelry from me for less money than I could have beat it up with a hammer. There was more gold and diamond value in it than what they were paying my retail price but we buy so much merchandise, not just from the public but from other deals, from closeouts, and miscellaneous areas and places that we just have so much, it’s time to make a lot of it go away.

I’m telling you, if you can hear my voice, you’ve never been there, believe me when I tell you it’s worth the drive. It’s definitely worth the drive. If you like high end jewelry and you want stuff that you haven’t seen before, “I want to give my wife something, I have the money, the price is no object but it’s hard to find a piece of merchandise that I really like.”

How about a bracelet with over 17 carats of diamonds that are all fancy yellow? How about a Charles Krypell platinum and diamond ring that has almost a three and a half carat fancy yellow diamond in it that sold for $95,000. It’s now at the shop for $55,000 and it’s still being discounted even more than that.

If you’re looking for something, whether it’s $100,000 item or a $99 ring, and we have trays and trays of rings for $99, $149, $499. You could come in and find all kinds of things over at Westchester Gold and Diamonds. If we don’t have it, we can get it or we can build it for you. We can make jewelry as well as design it and make it for you. It’s a one of a kind item.

If you have a picture of a piece of jewelry that you’ve always wanted, we can do that for you as well. If you’ve seen it in a magazine and it has a price, bring it to us, show us what it is. If we can build it for you for less money, I’ll be more than happy to do it.

One thing that lot of guys will come in and say, “Steve, I know you have a sale going on. I don’t know what. I don’t have a clue of what to get her.” A lot of times we’ll say, “What month was she born in?” They look at you like, “Uh, why?”

“Well, you know, a lot of months are designated with a particular type of stone, a colored gemstone, that we call a birthstone.” These stones have been around for centuries. They have all kind of what we call properties as far as astrological, what people believe they will do. Centuries ago, they would come up with they would wear a particular stone because they felt it would enhance a person’s qualities, their characteristics.

Today, I thought I’d run down the list because if you’re stuck for something to buy for Mother’s Day, maybe a birthstone piece of jewelry would be a great place to start. You can ease into it without spending a ton of money and you can get a ring, a necklace, earrings, or a bracelet. Add onto that every time you have an event, if you have a birthday, an anniversary, Christmas, not that far away again so you buy another birthstone piece and add to her collection.

If she was born in January, your birthstone is a garnet. A lot of people say, “Garnet, it’s a pretty stone, but I don’t know if she really likes that reddish brown color.” If garnet was her birthstone and she was born in January, you don’t have to settle for that reddish brown color stone. There are a lot of different types of garnets that people don’t even understand or realize.

There’s a spessartite garnet which is a bright orange colored garnet. There is savarite which is a green garnet. There are even black garnets believe it or not. The black garnets that you find, a lot of times, these are actually what we call the inclusions inside of a diamond. You may see a black spot inside of a diamond. This could be a black garnet. Most of the time it actually is.

What are some of the things that go along with garnet as far as a person’s personality? I didn’t really make this up. I’m not kidding you. I took this off the Internet for you. I’ve read it in different books. Truthfully, I actually wrote these things down for you today. I have a hard time telling you because I don’t normally do this. I normally freewheel whatever I’m going to talk about on Tradio.

I had to write these down because I couldn’t remember them all. Some of the properties that go along with garnet, the person has consistency, they have endurance, they have creativity, they have patience. These are some of the qualities that a person who was born in January would have and a garnet would be their birthstone.

Patience? Really? Hm.

It doesn’t work for everybody. I’m throwing it out there for you. In February, your birthstone is amethyst. An amethyst is a purple colored gemstone. On a couple different Tradios, we’ll probably sit down and really talk about in depth some of these other gemstones as well.

Amethyst is a purplish color stone. It goes all the way from a very, very light purple to a very dark violet color. That will depend on the area that it actually comes from. In Brazil, a lot of amethyst is mined in 38:11, one of the larger mines. They actually mine a very purplish, intense purple colored stone, a tinge of blue to it, a real, real pretty stone.

What are some of the qualities of a person who was born in February and an amethyst? Sincerity, intuition, motivation, calming. The amethyst has what we call a calming affect on this type of a person. If these are some of the properties that your loved one has, amethyst would be a good stone to buy for them.

March’s birthstone is an aquamarine. Aquamarines come in a lot of different colors, not so much colors as variations of color. You’ll see aquamarine from a very, very pale, almost white stone that has just a tinge of blue to it all the way to a color gemstone that has a real steely blue look to it.

Aquamarine is one of the gemstones that they will actually heat to enhance the color of it because it has a secondary color of green. They try to get the green color out of it to enhance the bluish nature of it.

Aquamarine is supposed to enhance the courage of the person or the creativity, the health, the perception a person has, or their hope and awareness. It has sort of a spiritual energy for people in March so if you’re trying to enhance that, aquamarine is the stone to go with.

If your loved one was born in April, this is a little tougher. April’s birthstone is a diamond. Who said you had to buy them a big diamond? You could or you couldn’t. A diamond stands for a lot of innocence and purity, eternity, courage, and health. A diamond is supposed to enhance all these types of characteristics in a person who was born in April.

When we’re talking about diamond, a lot of people say, “I don’t really like diamond because it’s sort of a cold looking stone. It’s just white.” You know what? We have black diamonds, we have chocolate diamonds, we have cognac colored diamonds, we have some blue diamonds, we have red diamonds.

There are all kinds of different colors in these diamonds. As we talked about before, most of these diamonds are enhanced. They’re color enhanced to make them this color. Man has changed their atomic structure to a certain extent to change the colors of them.

We do have genuine pink diamonds. We have genuine yellow diamonds. These colors are much more expensive because these are natural color diamonds. If April was your month, diamond is your stone.

Now we’re in May. If you were born in May, emerald is your birthstone. Emeralds come in a lot of different colors too, everything from a very, very light green, pale green which is very clear a lot of times. This is actually called beryl.

Beryl is the gemstone that an emerald is. Emerald starts as a piece of beryl. Depending on how much coloration is in that gemstone, the darker it becomes, now we start to call it more of an emerald as opposed to a beryl.

You’ll find that most of the time if it has green color to it, a jewelry is going to call it an emerald rather than really just calling it a piece of beryl. Emerald is a lot sexier. It’s easier to sell if you’re saying to someone, “This is an emerald.” If you said to them, “This is a beryl,” they’re going, “What the heck is a beryl?” Why create the problem?

If you’re born in May, emerald is the gemstone for you. Emerald will give you the effects of love, success, happiness, and goodness in that person. If you’re trying to get a little bit more goodness, a little bit more love, hey, go with the emerald gemstone. That’s for May.

If they’re born in June, you have a couple to choose from. You could either have an alexandrite or a pearl. Alexandrite, genuine alexandrites originally came from Russia back in the 1800s in earlier years. Tsar Alexander mined as much of the alexandrite as he possibly could. Then they dynamited the mines. They blew up the mines so the gemstone would be basically all his. He could keep it all to himself.

It became a very, very precious gemstone. Alexandrite exhibits what we call pleochroism which is two colors. It will have a color change in effect where it goes from either a green to a nice wine color or a wine color to a green. Under incandescent light, a yellow light, it will appear to be green. When you get it out there in the sunlight, it will turn to the nice wine color.

The quicker it changes, the more intense the color change, the more expensive that gemstone becomes. Some of the things alexandrite will enhance is joy, luck, courage, and love. They get that love in there a bunch. It’s a good way to get that.

If it means love, that means I should buy it.

Exactly, or it means I’m going to get some love if I buy it. You might want to. It’s not a bad shot, guys. It’s worth a chance. Pearl is also another gemstone. I guess when they made this list up, I’m sure jewelers made this list up because of population. A lot of people can’t afford that alexandrite so let’s come up with another gemstone for June.

They came up with pearl. You don’t have to spend a lot of money. You used to spend a lot of money for pearls because they were cultured pearls. They were pearls that man would help to create. Now we have freshwater pearls, south sea pearls, and we have Tahitian pearls. A lot of that is very expensive. Some could be very inexpensive.

Your freshwater pearls are much less expensive than your cultured pearls or Tahitian or south sea pearls. A pearl stands for faith, charity, innocence, health, peace, nobility, and pearls, believe it or not, the actual pearls that weren’t cultured back in the early centuries ago when you had a lot nobility, they would wear pearls.

It took years for a real pearl to be made by the oyster. It was also very difficult to find these pearls. Believe it or not, all the property that Cartier’s is founded on in New York City is actually traded for two strands of pearls. At that time, the pearls were valued at way over a million dollars. Natural pearls were extremely rare and very valuable.

July, if you were born in July, ruby is your gemstone. Ruby could be everything from a light reddish color to a pinkish color to a deep purplish color. Rubies is another stone we’ve talked about, now that man has learned how to control the quality on them, we’re able to enhance the appearance of these stones and make them really, really beautiful.

When I say enhance it, they could have some inclusions that turn around and make the stone not that beautiful but they could be boiled in lead or they could be boiled in glass. This fills in a lot of the inclusions and makes the stone look much, much more beautiful.

It’s extremely affordable when you buy these enhanced rubies. Rubies enhances and stands for nobility, love, contentment, strength, and enthusiasm. If you’re looking for someone’s gemstone that was born in July, ruby is the gemstone for you.

August is a peridot. Peridot goes from a greenish color to an olive green looking stone. A lot of people weren’t enthused when they were born in August with that peridot, but you know, a nice colored peridot is a beautiful gemstone. The lighter ones, some people really like the light ones but as it gets darker, it changes the whole appearance of the gemstone, very, very pretty.

Some of the qualities of a person who would wear peridot are success, peace, marriage – they’re very happily married people – they have luck, and they have courage. These are some of the attributes of the peridot gemstone.

September is sapphire. Sapphires can come in 28 different flavors, everything from almost a pale white stone to green to yellow to pink to red to orange. There’s a whole vast quantity of sapphire out there that are all different colors. Sapphire is a really nice stone.

If someone is really hard on their jewelry, it’s an eight on the Mohs scale. It takes a lot of abuse and holds up quite well. Sapphires will help a person have clear thinking, wisdom, it will give them serenity, it helps in their purity, and truth. These are qualities of sapphire.

If you’re born in October, October is opal gemstone or pink tourmaline. This enhances their purity, health, innocence, love, peace, compassion. If they’re born in October, you want to buy a gemstone that’s going to enhance or help these qualities, then opal is the stone for you.

If they’re born in November, we talk about the gemstone topaz or citrine. These are sort of interchangeable. They’ve been around for a long time. We talk about smoky topaz. We talk about rio topaz, we talk about citrine. These are all variations of color of the same gemstone. The qualities of topaz will be courage, fidelity, and wisdom.

December is blue topaz or turquoise. Blue topaz, or actually the turquoise is also for November. You can use those as a substitute. In December, we talk about zircon. Zircon is actually a gemstone. A lot of times, people would say, “This is a zircon,” and refer to a white stone that looked like a diamond substitute.

Zircon is actually a gemstone. It could come in white. Usually it will come in blue. It’s not a real vivid blue. It’s a really soft blue. It’s not a really brilliant gemstone and it’s very soft. Sometimes, if you’re going to go with a zircon, you may want to go with zircon in either a bracelet or a necklace because in a gemstone in a ring, if it’s not set correctly, it’s going to beat that stone up. It’s not going to look really, really nice after a period of time. Zircon will enhance your success, your love, your luck, your happiness, and your generosity.

I’m Steve Duke the owner of Westchester Gold and Diamonds. We’re talking today a little bit about the color gemstones. By the way, all our color gemstone jewelry is 30% off while we’re having our Mother’s Day sale right now.

If you’re looking for something where you can buy it at a fairly reasonable price, most of these gemstones, if they’re not huge in size or fantastic quality, you can buy from $89 up to whatever you’d like to spend. Again, color gemstone jewelry is something that if they have a favorite color, you can coordinate that color with the gemstone.

If they’re looking for something in the month they were born, you can start with one piece and add to that whole suite of colored gemstone jewelry, the ring, the necklace, the earrings, the bracelet, and then move on to another color.

I’m Steve Duke the owner of Westchester Gold and Diamonds. We’re talking a little bit about gemstones today to give you some ideas for Mother’s Day. It’s right around the corner. With that, we’re going to take a quick break and return to Tradio.

Hi, I’m Steve Duke, the owner of Westchester Gold and Diamonds, inviting you to come in for Steve Duke’s birthday and Mother’s Day sale. We’ve slashed our already low prices 20 to 50% storewide. Diamond bracelets, earrings, rings, and even designer jewelry, everything is on sale.

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We have a couple of minutes left in Tradio. We’ve been talking about all kinds of gemstones, things like that today. Kenny was just mentioning to me the other day, he went to the mall looking at jewelry, came in and said, “It’s amazing how many gold chains and bracelets we have over at Westchester Gold and Diamonds.”

It’s true. We have more gold chains and bracelets, I’m going to put myself on the line here, than anyplace you’ve ever walked into. It’s amazing. We have well over 1000 gold chains to choose from, not standard little ones, piddly chains like you see at the mall.

Coincidently, he bought all 1000 off the same Italian, wearing them around his neck.

I tell you. But if you’re looking for gold jewelry right now, it’s discounted as well. Please remember if you’re looking for something special, give us a chance. At least come in and satisfy your curiosity. If we can’t help you, I appreciate the fact that you at least came in and gave us a shot.

With that, I’m going to say we’re out of time. I appreciate everybody for listening. Thanks for all the calls. Hopefully we’ll see you at Westchester Gold and Diamond for Mother’s Day. Goodbye until next week.

Hi, I’m Steve Duke, the owner of Westchester Gold and Diamonds. I could tell you that Westchester Gold and Diamonds has the largest collection of gold and diamonds in three counties but I think the fact that we’ve been here for over 38 years says it all. Westchester Gold and Diamonds has worked hard to give you the best prices and deepest discounts off our everyday low prices, and above all, the best service possible. At Westchester Gold and Diamonds, we already appreciate your business.

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